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Hope & Reconciliation

29:11 spreads the Gospel message of reconciliation and hope through music ministry and interpersonal connections during international tours, and continuing after. 29:11 has been honored to be part of worship services over 30 churches and religious organizations in the Midwest, ranging from Westminster Presbyterians, to the Christian Motorcycle Association.  


While we love performing in places of worship, 29:11 strives to offer music that inspires hope and forgiveness for everyone, regardless of religious or social barrier. We know that peaceful reconciliation is possible when our ears and hearts are open, even in the most difficult circumstances. Our shared humanity is much greater than our differences.  

“Their music and message translates across very different types of churches and stages… It was powerful to hear about struggles with race relations from a non-United States perspective…It was refreshing how they’re saying we can overcome some of the issues through forgiveness.” 

- Joseph Garnier, director of worship and creative arts at Sanctuary Covenant Church in north Minneapolis 

29:11 practices reconciliation within the group itself.  The ensemble is exceptionally culturally diverse, sometimes coming from violently opposing tribes. Even today, this cross-cultural collaboration is rare in South Africa. 

“We don’t exclude ourselves, saying, ‘Oh, look at us. We bring reconciliation to the world.’ No, we are actually reconciling ourselves on a daily basis. There’s healing and forgiveness happening within this group.” 

-Brendon Adams, Co-Founder & Artistic Director

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