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Artist Development

Artist Development

29:11 provides valuable professional experience to all members of the ensemble.
The group produces, performs and records music across a wide range of genres.
Repertoire features original works, including a cantata depicting the history of
South Africa, as well as fresh arrangements of traditional African songs, Gospel
favorites, remixed hymns, and pop covers. 29:11 has been honored to perform at
Orchestra Hall, Paisley Park, Dakota Jazz Club, and the Westminster Presbyterian
Concert Series. Fans of the unique 29:11 experience and sound are diverse and
span the globe. This extraordinary exposure often leads to exciting individual
opportunities for education, employment, and cultural exchange.


Alumni Spotlight

29:11 cares deeply for all of our team members and alumni. The health, safety and
wellbeing of our talented musicians is our first priority and paramount to carrying
out the mission of 29:11. These vibrant young people often come from personal
situations where their basic needs are not met. Others live with rampant violence
and constant physical danger. 29:11 offers safety, education, and caring support
which enables both musical growth, and growth of character. We must care for our
own members before we can meaningfully connect to the hearts and minds of others.

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Daylin Sass (Vocalist) 
Idols South Africa 2021
Top 5 Finalist

Renaldo Hendriks (Bass Guitar) 
Founder of Greater Knysna Music Academy

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